Have you considered Park Home Living?

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With 2019 almost upon us, maybe you’re planning ahead and wondering what the New Year will entail for you and your family. If moving house is something you’ve been thinking about or something you’re considering for 2019 have you explored the option of park life? 

The park life industry is growing year on year in the UK, it offers the over 45’s an alternative style of living, With the opportunity to live amongst like minded neighbours, within a true community. Residential parks offer great benefits and facilities, these differ from park to park but here at Bisley Residential Park in Melton Mowbray, we offer a secure gated community minutes from the beautiful market town itself. There are so many benefits to park living and the greatest benefit of them all is security and peace of mind. 

If this is something that appeals to you and something which you consider important when looking for a new home, then we recommend you come see us at Bisley Park. We are happy to accommodate appointments any day of the week and can even do evening appointments to work around what time’s best for you.

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To book an appointment and discuss the options currently available, simply start by calling our agent Bentons on 01664 563 892 or contact us online and let us help make your new home purchase an easy transaction.